Nurture your newborn into the world.


There is a human desire to align bottle-feeding with Mother Nature.

Insights derived from nature created the architecture for the milk cradle design. By morphing his insights into a physical product Milknanny was born. 

A malleable convex form mimics the overall shape of the breast. The surface texture is cloned directly from 3D digital scans of human skin and the silicon nipple is pre-warmed to body temperature.


Colic is a big problem for mothers. The human breast deflates during feeding so that milk with a minimum amount of air is ingested. An asepetically-filled sachet drops inside the casing of Milknanny, it mimics nature by collapsing as the milk is consumed. This sterile disposable process ensures a direct link from milk to mouth. A seamless process that substantially reduces the workload and hygiene risk associated with conventional bottle feeding.